This unique retreat comes kitted out with a chic interior, guests can perch themselves at one of the venue's collection of comfy seats or head on over to the centrepiecedance….


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Several lobsters have been caught that had a different coloration pattern on their right and left halves.

How rare are bright blue lobsters?

These lobsters are true oddities. One showed up off the coast of Maine, again in — from hereon to be known as the Year of the Weird Lobsters. In the last 50 years only three of these special creatures have been spotted, and the odds of finding another are one in 50 million. They are in fact a conjoined twin, the result of two embryos developing in the same egg, but fusing into one individual animal.

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This means that the left half is the brother or sister of the right half. Odder still, sometimes the right half is a different sex than the left half. That must really be confusing, especially for other lobsters! Now, logic dictates that chimerical lobsters should be a lot more common than we might expect, because if both twins are the same color, how would we know? Not many people go around comparing the DNA of the right and left claws of random sea creatures.

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At least, no one I know! Finally, the red lobster! Not exclusively the window trophy of seafood restaurants, truly red lobsters really do exist in the wild, though not as commonly as our visual lobster culture would have you expect.

Pink lobster dating site

Around one in ten million lobsters are naturally red before cooking. As you might expect, they stay red once cooked. Well, mostly; almost all lobsters will change color when heated, as their pigments are altered, though they will retain the subtle differences in color that they had whilst alive, so they will turn different shades of red.

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